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Benefits of e-Business Essay - 825 Words

Benefits of e-Business (Essay Sample) Content: (Your Name)(Professor)(Course)(Date)E-business: The Benefits to the WorldWeb-based retailing has rapidly gained acceptance by American Internet users as a valid retail outlet CITATION Kin04 \l 1033 (King, Sen, Xia, 2004). An increasing number of households have started to connect to the Internet, and as a result the potential for shopping on the Internet have become larger than ever. The spread of global Internet connectivity, the lowering of unit costs, the internationalization of the markets for goods, labor, and information, e-commerce is said to offer businesses in developing countries a chance to access global markets easily, operate efficiently, and compete fairly CITATION Mol05 \l 1033 (Molla Licker, 2005). Many e-commerce principles were pioneered in the airline industry CITATION Bar01 \l 1033 (Barry, Gunther, Rao, Ratliff, 2001). These include the first business-to-business electronic information exchange and industry wide electronic market place. Airl ines have continuously expanded their use of information technology for reservations systems and created an infrastructure that facilitates the application of e-commerce related technologies.Researchers and practitioners assert that e-commerce has many benefits for retailers CITATION Zhu03 \l 1033 (Zhuang Lederer, 2003). Among them are increased sales, lower costs, better customer awareness of products, access to new markets, better customer service, improved operational effectiveness and efficiency, better control of data, shipment tracing, and streamlined inventory replenishment CITATION Zhu03 \l 1033 (Zhuang Lederer, 2003). Such e-commerce benefits as increased profitability and market share are of paramount importance, but they are not the only benefits of e-commerce and are not necessarily easy to measure and attribute to e-commerce. The realization of Back-end Efficiency, Market Expansion, Inventory Management, Cost Reduction, and Customer Service benefits would be expecte d to produce improved productivity and increased sales, and thus greater profitability and overall performance with improved competitive position as the eventual outcome CITATION Zhu03 \l 1033 (Zhuang Lederer, 2003). Providing sellers with an opportunity to reach a wider audience, Web-based sales channels also give them better control of their sales and marketing activities CITATION Kin04 \l 1033 (King, Sen, Xia, 2004). Perhaps more specifically, Back-end Efficiency, Inventory Management, and Cost Reduction benefits would improve productivity, whereas Market Expansion and Customer Service benefits would increase sales. In any case, the benefits would be expected to predict performance of these industries, such as the airline industry.Airlines, being one of the industries that pioneered on the use of e-commerce realize the importance of such technologies and strategies that are incorporated to marketing points of e-commerce. From a period in which Airline employees used binocular s to read flight availability, the entry of computer technology allowed airlines and there employees were able to resolve the problem after applying computer technology."It was the first real-time business application of computer technology, an automated system with complete passenger records available electronically to any agent connected to the Sabre Systemà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ CITATION Bar01 \l 1033 (Barry, Gunther, Rao, Ratliff, 2001).The particular advantage of e-commerce indirectly related to market output is the increase of the operational effectiveness of the employees CITATION Blo05 \l 1033 (Blount, Castleman, Swatma, 2005). As customers move toward self-service technologies such as what e-commerce provides, employees need to cope-up to the changes and have to adapt to the changing environment. Having applied e-commerce strategies, high levels of employee commitment had contributed to its success in interaction with customers CITATION Blo05 \l 1033 (Blount, Castleman, Swatma, 2005). The adaptation and the application of technological advancements allowed airline companies not only to increase their sales, but also allowed a much more comfortable environment, both for the customers and the employees. In the part of effectiveness, from a long period of 45 minutes to file a reservation it was brought down into just 3 seconds, allowing an increase of passenger-reservation transactions to increase up to 1.2 million reservations per day during the period of 1999 (Blount, Castleman, &am...

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Analysis Of The Launch Of French Beauty And Cosmetics Giant

Abstract The article aims to explore the possibility of the launch of French beauty and cosmetics giant Sephora into the Australian market. The paper touches on the environmental factors which affects the current beauty and toiletries industry in Australia. It also conducts an opportunity analysis for Sephora to identify its key competitive factors to gain an edge in the Australian market. Findings suggest that Australia is a viable market for Sephora but it has a few drawbacks. Table of Contents Topic Page Number INTRODUCTION 3 ANALYSIS OF BACKGROUND 3 STATEMENT OF SCOPE 3 METHOD 3 SWOT ANALYSIS 4 ENVIRONMENTAL FACTORS 5-8 COMPETITION 8 STRATEGY 8 CONCLUSION 9 BIBLIOGRAPHY 10 Introduction Sephora is a leading French†¦show more content†¦(Mictchell, 2014) Statement of Scope In my research report I would like to explore the current environmental factors within which Sephora will be launching in Australia. I will conduct a SWOT analysis to find out Sephora’s competitive position and Marketing Potential in Australia .I also aim to find out the various environmental factors that affects the beauty and cosmetics business in Australia. By conducting this research I intend to identify the opportunities that can be leveraged by Sephora to enter the Australian cosmetics market. Method A SWOT Analysis is a useful technique to find out a firm’s competitive position .A SWOT Analysis divides the information into two main categories(internal and external factors) and further into positive aspects(strengths and opportunities) and negative aspects(weaknesses and threats).Based on the SWOT framework marketing executives can plan alternative marketing strategies. (Kotabe Helsen, 2010). SWOT Analysis for Sephora Strengths 1. Inexpensive cosmetics-Sephora provides great quality products for less than $20. (Guthrie, 2014). Cosmetics in Australia are expensive. Consumers pay more because of higher wages, distance and sparse population. (Stiles, 2014).Sephora’s cheapShow MoreRelatedRadiant Cosmetics3405 Words   |  14 PagesExecutive Summery Radiant Cosmetics, founded in the 1930s, had been one of the top five cosmetic companies in the U.S. for more than 60 Radiant’s product lines cover hair care, skin care, makeup, and perfume. Cosmetic is a highly competitive industry because of its huge market and lucrative profit. The number of cosmetics consumers have been increasing and is estimated to hit 161 billion in the U.S. by The same phenomenon happens global wildly. With the increasing income, more women get extraRead MoreGarnier Fructis - Innovation1937 Words   |  8 PagesL’Oreal Garnier Fructis Oil+Shampoo Introduction: L’Oreal, the French cosmetic giant has become one of the leading players in the salon products sector in India. It marks its presence with a portfolio of 15 brands that grew over the span of nearly two decades in the Indian market, having an annual growth rate of 30 percent with a market share of 10 percent in the urban area. These different brands were launched in order to cover various product categories. â€Å"The mass consumer brands L’Oreal ParisRead MoreMarketing Plan for for Herborist Cosmetic Company, China6508 Words   |  27 Pages1.0 Situation analysis 5 1.1 Company and products background 5 1.1.1 Company introduction 5 1.1.2 Products introduction 5 1.2 Industry introduction 6 1.2.1 Market size and share 6 1.2.2 Developing trends 7 1.3 Macro-environmental analysis 8 1.3.1 Political and legal environment 8 1.3.2 Economic environment 9 1.3.3 Sociocultural environment 9 1.3.4 Technological environment 10 1.4 Competitive analysis 10 1.5 Customer analysis 11 1.6 Distribution channels analysis 11 2.0 SWOT analysis 12 2.1 StrengthsRead MoreLoreal Market Entry Strategy India China5215 Words   |  21 Pages6 5.3. Luxury products 6 5.4. Active cosmetics 6 6. Corporate Strategies 7 6.1. The Strategist 7 6.2. Initial Strategy 7 6.3. Mergers and Acquisitions 7 6.4. Cross-fertilization: 8 6.5. New Geographic Areas 9 6.6. Research and Development 9 6.7. Entering New Business 10 6.8. Exploring New Opportunities 10 7. Corporate Social Responsibility 10 8. Achievements 10 9. A Complete Global Changeover 11 10. SWOT analysis 12 11. LOreal’s Journey in India 13 Read MoreEssay on LOREAL5083 Words   |  21 Pagesin China. - Lindsay Owen-Jones, CEO, L’Orà ©al1 On January 26th 2004, French cosmetics giant L’Orà ©al signed an agreement to acquire a famous Chinese cosmetics brand Yue-Sai. 2 The acquisition came shortly after L’Orà ©al made another successful bid for Raystar Cosmetics (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd.’s skin-care brand, Mininurse, in December 2003.3 L’Orà ©al was already very successful in both China’s high-end and middle-range cosmetic markets. The acquisitions of Mininurse and Yue-sai indicated that L’Orà ©alRead MoreThe Body Shop14072 Words   |  57 PagesIntroduction   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   There is success in body care.   Behold the Body Shop, one of the famous international cosmetics brand.   It is not just one’s ordinary shop for body or hair care.   It is extraordinary just as its pioneer.   The entrepreneur assessed in this paper is in no way or another connected to me.      Personal Profile   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   The name behind the Body Shop, a famous cosmetic line for decades now, is Anita Roddick.   On October 23, 1942 in Littlehampton, Sussex, England marks her birth toRead MoreCosmetic Industry Analysis28098 Words   |  113 Pages-14.2% and -1.7%. 1.4 How Did It Affect Cosmetics Industry? As the US fell into a deep financial crisis in 2008, consumers who felt wealthy from the housing boom and treating themselves to indulgences such as designer handbags and luxury cosmetics had started looked for lower-priced mass brands and private label products as to close their wallets. Besides, consumers have also begun to buy less products and wait until their cosmetics bottle empty to buy another. Many middle classRead MoreStrategic Management Report: LOccitane En Provence5510 Words   |  23 PagesAssessment Task 3 Executive summary This report has been made in order to have a better understanding of L’Occitane en Provence Company. In 1976, Olivier Baussan created the company LOccitane. The company manufactures well-being and beauty products and markets them worldwide through a network of 950 shops. The first part of this report will be the overview of the company. This part will introduce the company, with the size of the company, the performance, the type of products soldRead MoreMarketing and Aesop12007 Words   |  49 PagesSummary The cosmetic industry worldwide seems to be continuously developing, now more than ever with the advent of the Internet companies. Many famous companies sell their cosmetic products online also in countries in which they do not have representatives. Aesop is the trading name of a range of skin care products from Australian company Aesop Retail Pty Ltd. Aesop was founded by hairdresser Dennis Paphitis in 1987 in the city of Melbourne. It is an Australian based super premium cosmetic company thatRead MoreCase Study Galeries Lafayette Essay3858 Words   |  16 PagesGaleries Lafayette Berlin, the secret embassy of France, as it is sometimes called. The sales area comprises 8,000 m2 on five floors. However, since the launch in 1996, the Galeries Lafayette Berlin has only recently been able to operate profitably. After quarrels between the former major shareholder families Meyer and Moulin, the Moulin family and the French bank BNP Paribas bought all remaining public shares of the group; as a result, Galeries Lafayette shares are no longer traded at the Paris stock exchange

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Essay on Reconstruction - 998 Words

Many people had different views and ideas about Reconstruction. There was much debate about how the Confederate states, which included Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia, should be readmitted into the Union. Some people believed that the states should be treated as territories, and others believed that the southern leaders should be punished instead of the states. Still, others believed that the South still belonged to the Union because secession was illegal. During the Civil War, on December 1863, President Lincoln announced his 10 % Plan for Reconstruction. Many Northerners considered it to be too mild, but the blacks condemned it for ignoring†¦show more content†¦Congress, which was made up of a Republican majority, refused to seat the southerners that were elected from Confederate states. These problems that developed in Congress, as well as the unfair Black Codes, both show that Pre sident Johnson’s plan wasn’t a success. During the Reconstruction era, former slaves received much violence from whites. About 5,000 blacks were murdered by whites from 1865-1866. White mobs killed 34 blacks in New Orleans and 46 blacks in Memphis during race riots in 1866. Blacks were also subjected to the violence of the Ku Klux Klan, a secret white organization. That was founded in 1865 or 1866 in Tennessee. The members of the Ku Klux Klan wore white hoods and robes and put white sheets over their horses. Blacks and white sympathizers were beaten and murdered by the Klan. The Klan did whatever it could to prevent blacks from exercising their rights. By terrorizing blacks, they kept them from voting. These attacks couldn’t even be stopped by the U.S. Army troops. The South was greatly troubled by economic problems that arose as a result of the Civil War. The basis of the South’s economy, agriculture, recovered slowly and few southerners had enough money to start new industries. In the South, most whites refused to support the Reconstruction government. They considered these illegal because the 14th Amendment prevented many former southern leaders fromShow MoreRelatedCrime Scene Reconstruction1438 Words   |  6 PagesKristin Waters Crime Scene Reconstruction ENC 1102-154 Reconstructing a crime scene takes a lot of effort from experienced law enforcement, medical examiners, and criminalists. All of these professionals give unique perspectives to develop a crime-scene reconstruction. Forensic scientists also play a vital role in helping to reconstruct the crime scene. They use the crime-scene reconstruction to show events that occurred prior to, during, and after a crime was committed. (Saferstein, 2009) Read MoreReconstruction Of Reconstruction And Reconstruction1031 Words   |  5 PagesReconstruction what is it?What does it mean to reconstruct? Is it possible to reconstruct nowadays? Reconstruction started in 1865 and ended in 1877.Reconstruction took place mostly in the south. Reconstruction was created to help fix the problems in the new union after slavery, but sadly didn t end well causing an all white government into power and failing the union. New economic,political and industrial growth was being made. New job opportunities were being m ade for the people and former blackRead MoreReconstruction Goals : Reconstruction And Reconstruction1296 Words   |  6 PagesReconstruction Goals Reconstruction started in 1865 after the war was coming to an end and completed in 1877. It Is the process by which federal government controlled the former Confederate states and the conditions for their readmission to the union. Abraham Lincoln was our president at the time and could not form a treaty with the defeated government. After the emancipation, thousands of freedmen left their plantation to find a new life without being owned and forced to work. This began theRead MoreReconstruction : The Failure Of Reconstruction1529 Words   |  7 PagesReconstruction: By: Siryet Girma 1,514 words 7 pages Historical Paper Reconstruction: the failure Reconstruction was a failure because African American were still not equal to White Americans. The Emancipation Proclamation was proclaimed in January 1, 1863. It freed more than 3 million slaves in the Confederate states by January 1, 1863, blacks enlisted in the Union Army in large numbers, reaching some 180,000 by war’sRead MoreReconstruction Of The Reconstruction Era1587 Words   |  7 PagesThe Reconstruction Era was known as a time to reconstruct the United States of America by the expansion of governmental power that began in 1865. â€Å"There were two central problems that animated Reconstruction; providing justice for freedmen and facilitating national reconciliation. (A New Birth of Freedom, pg. 1) After the 12 year span, reconstructing the nation succeeded in only a few of the goals that were set out to achieve within those 12 years that it was in progress. The Reconstruction’s intentionsRead MoreThe Legacy Of Reconstruction And Reconstructio n Essay2362 Words   |  10 PagesRecent books on Reconstruction†¦have infused their subjects with drama by focusing on violent confrontations,† Eric Foner notes in the introduction of the updated edition to his 1988 publication Reconstruction: America’s Unfinished Revolution, 1863-1877. Up until now, Foner’s revisionist historiography of Reconstruction was the only alternative offered to the Dunning School’s account of the important historical era. In recent years a neo-revisionist interpretation of Reconstruction has emerged inRead MoreFacial Reconstructions2008 Words   |  9 PagesForensic Facial Reconstructions Samantha McAnally CRMJ430 April 20, 2013 Abstract This paper will focus mainly on the history and the various techniques that forensic facial reconstruction has to offer. It will also go over some problems or an issue that is process has faced over the years. The Daubert Standard will discuss and how facial reconstruction was allowed as evidence thru this standard. I will go over all the periods of time that facial reconstruction was used. ComputerizedRead MoreBreast Reconstruction Procedures For Women1221 Words   |  5 PagesBrickell neighborhood. He performs breast reconstruction procedures for women who have had a mastectomy. With breast reconstruction surgery, Dr. G can provide women with natural-looking, shapely breasts. Types of Breast Reconstruction Procedures Available Near Brickell For some patients, reconstruction can begin during their mastectomy. Other patients may choose to have their breast reconstruction at some point after their mastectomy. Typically, breast reconstruction surgery involves several surgical sessionsRead More Reconstruction Essay932 Words   |  4 Pages Reconstruction took place after the end of the civil war. The reason for reconstruction was to put the union back together and free the slaves once and for all. Reconstruction took three eras to be completed. The first was Lincoln, the second Andrew Johnson, and the third was the Congressional â€Å"hard plan.† The Lincoln era lasted from 1863-1865. On December of 1863 the decree of â€Å"soft plan† was introduced. The â€Å"soft plan† included amnesty for the southerners that took the loyalty oath. It alsoRead MoreReconstruction Vs Republican Reconstruction Essay1035 Words   |  5 Pagesappearance of the Reconstruction Era in 1865. It was a period in which Americans â€Å"put the pieces together†. People were split after the Civil War, some wanted to reconstruct the Confederate states- where it is politically and economically damaged- and the others wanted to have revenge against the South because they caused the war that resulted with memories of death and suffer the Americans had to endure. And that was a reason of the emerging of the Presidential Reconstruction and the Republican

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Benefits of Swimming free essay sample

Swimming Swimming is a healthy, low-cost activity that you can continue throughout your life. Swimming is a low-impact activity that has many physical and mental health benefits. Swimming Is a great workout because you need to move your whole body against the resistance of the water. Our nation is surrounded by water and swimming is one of our great passions. As well as being fun, swimming Is a great way to keep fit, stay healthy and make friends. Everyone should learn how to swim. Swimming gives a wide range of benefits for people of all age groups. Swimming is a ealthy activity that you can continue for a lifetime. So now, let me tell you the benefits of swimming. Increased Muscle Tone and Strength Did you guys ever see a flabby dolphin or a weak-looking competitive swimmer? We didnt think so. Thats because swimming is a great way to increase muscular strength and muscle tone especially compared to several other aerobic exercises. We will write a custom essay sample on Benefits of Swimming or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Take running, for example. When a jogger takes few laps around the track, that jogger is only moving his or her body through air. A swimmer, on the other hand, is propelling himself through water a substance about twelve times as dense as air. That means that every kick and every arm stroke becomes a resistance exercise and its well known that resistance exercises are the best way to build up muscle tone and strength. lf you are menopausal, swim! It will Improve your bone strength. A Healthier Heart Because swimming is an aerobic exercise, it serves to strengthen the heart, not only helping It to become larger, but making It more efficient in pumping which leads to better blood flow throughout your body. Aerobic exercises have also been proven to combat the bodys inflammatory responses that lead to heart disease. If thats not nough to get you moving In the pool. the American Heart Association reports that just 30 minutes of exercise per day, such as swimming, can reduce coronary heart disease in women by 30 to 40 percent. Additionally, an analysis by the Annals of Internal Medicine showed that regular aerobic exercise could reduce blood pressure, swim away high blood pressure, live longer, and avoid coronary heart diseases. Reduces Stress On Your Bones Swimming, when done regularly, also prevents Injuries because It reduces stress on your bones, joints and connective tissues. That is the reason why athletes include wimming in their dally exercises. Our body is not Just the one that benefits when we do regular swimming. Experts say that swimming also relaxes and conditions our mind. It reduces stress which is one of causes of heart diseases and the like. People who suffer from injuries, back pains, arthritis and disabilities who cannot engage themselves Into different forms of exercise can do swimming since It doesnt require heavy motions. It is also advisable for pregnant women to undertake swimming because it conditions the body and reduces back pains and other pre-natal syndromes. For expecting mothers who is In the last few months of their pregnancy, they can use inflatable swimming pools to do this exercise. Everyone snou10 give swlmmlng a try at least once In tnelr IITe. It mlgnt not Decome a lifelong passion for everyone but it will for a select few. Enjoy the health benefits of swimming and live a healthy lifestyle. Getting sick is prohibited because it will not just cause burden to you and your family; it will also affect your life in ways you cannot imagine. Take care of our health because it is the only precious thing you can have in this world.

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Islam Essays (1406 words) - Canadian Muslims, Criticism Of Islam

Islam the Islamic Congress's president, Mohamed Elmasry. Mr. Elmasry said there are bad Muslims just as there are bad Christians and Jews. We treat them as such and so should you. But Islam is a religion of peace. Muslims have a religious duty to be tolerant of other faiths and other ideologies.'' Mr. Elmasry said journalists need to differentiate between the peaceful teachings of Islam and the claims of some Muslim extremists that their actions are justified by their interpretations of Islam. He likened the situation of Canadian Muslims today to that of Canadian Jews 50 years ago. Jewish children were being (wrongly) called Christ-killers just as Muslim children are called terrorists today.'' In their letter to the editor in the April 27 issue of the College Hill Independent, Jumana Musa and Shadi Nahvi made some excellent points. They rightly asserted that the Western press tends to portray Arabs and Muslims according to stereotypes and these myths persist partly due to Western popular ignorance about Arabs and Muslims. Since the Muslims students at Brown condemned the bombing of a Tel Aviv bus last year, I am learning to separate the handful of Muslim and Arab extremists who commit terrorist attacks against Israeli and Jewish civilians from the millions of Muslim believers who do not participate in this violence and sometimes express opposition to it. Since I began interacting with Muslims students through the kosher/hallal meal plan this year, I am changing my perceptions of Muslims and seeing them as people instead of abstractions. I think that many, many people in the United States and in western countries, in Europe, are afraid of a monster called Islam. And as the honorable Congressman Dana Rohrabacher said, it is an insult to consider the whole of Muslims, to take them into one side, and make them extremists. Really it is not correct. It is a little bit insulting. What is the definition of extremism? We can see in all of history: even when the first settlers came to the United States they were from different countries; Spain, England, France, European Countries. They were fighting on this land and fighting with the Indians. Do we call this extremism? A fight for a better living, which you understand you are doing not for a religious motive, is not extremism. Extremism in Islam, or in religion, is when you use religion to label intolerance, to turn from religion and take ideas that you can extract for yourself, or deduce for yourself, and use to make a militant movement and disturb the peace in your country or around the world. That is called extremism, and Islamic Extremism. But a movement for better living, that is not extremism. These people nowadays are developing two ways of understanding the situation of Islam. From one side they think that they have to reform it; it is a duty on them, they have been brainwashed to think that they have to cleanse the world of devils and demons and of countries that suppress them, oppress them, and try to shut them down. Logicians argue that one cannot pass a judgment on something unless one has a clear conception of it, because the unknown and the undefined cannot be judged. Therefore, we first have to determine what religious ,extremism means before we can condemn or applaud it. We can do so by considering its reality and its most distinguishing characteristics. Literally, extremism means being situated at the farthest possible point from the center. Figuratively, it indicates a similar remoteness in religion and thought, as well as behavior. One of the main consequences of extremism is exposure to danger and insecurity.! Islam, therefore, recommends moderation and balance in everything: in belief, ibadah, conduct, and legislation. Islam is frequently misunderstood and may even seem exotic in some parts of today's world. Perhaps this is because religion no longer dominates everyday life in Western society; whereas, for Muslims, Islam is life. Muslims make no artificial division between the secular and the sacred. bin laden: The treacherous attack has confirmed that Britain and America are acting on behalf of Israel and the Jews, paving the way for the Jews to divide the Muslim world once again, enslave it and loot the rest of its wealth, the US magazine quotes bin Laden saying. What particularly interested me in the report was the military demand that terrorism be eliminated and extremism be abolished. Both terrorism and extremism, however, seem to include, at least in their minds, most

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Divorced beheaded survived Essay Example

Divorced beheaded survived Essay Example Divorced beheaded survived Paper Divorced beheaded survived Paper The pain from losing a beloved one Is In fact an Inevitable part of being alive. As much as we want to avoid it, the faint line between death and life is something we human beings have to learn how to live with. Robin Blacks short story: Divorced, Beheaded, Survived from 2010 portrays the life of Sarah before and after the tragic death of her brother. As Sarah is struggling with the difficulty of coping with her brothers death, she slowly draws closer to the essentials of the passage of life. Doubleday dealing with the plan of the loss of our loved ones Is tough and heart wrecking, but Is It possible to live on without a proper confrontation or closure of your grief? The storyline follows the protagonist Sarah through her mental progress of accepting the death of her brother, Terry. The emotional aspects in the story are exemplified through the twisted chronology consisting of Sarahs present life and flashbacks from her childhood. Black uses Sarah childhood home In Massachusetts as a contrast to show traces of Sarahs mental state of denial. WTFO my own children, that long- collected backyard is only part of grandmas and grandpas house, where we go for Thanksgiving, for the Christmas with Lyes folks in al- 52-53). It is shown here how the old backyard which used to hold a lot of importance for Sarah, her brother and their friends, has become a incidental place for annual occasions to her kids. This line emphasizes how Sarah has not passed on her Joyful memories to her kids as a result of her lack of confrontation about her late brother. The protagonist has still not fully processed her sorrow and she is therefore not capable f have her children involved in her own childhood. Also it is seen that Sarahs past still has a tremendous impact on her present life, as she speaks about the age gap between herself and Terry, comparing it to the amount of ages between her children Mark and Coco. The fact that she keeps intertwining past memories with her adult life throughout the storyline express that she Is still Incapable of letting go. Her present Is still muddled with the pain of the past. Later on Sarah reaches a significant turning point of her life, as a friend of her son, Mark, passes away in an accident. Sarah starts to see similarities between her son and herself, and slowly step-by-step she starts to open up about the details of the death of Terry. All the hurtful memories are reaching the light of day as Sarah for the first time In her life starts treating her long-hold sorrow. l took my son by the hand, into my room. Opened the dresser drawer and there he was, smiling out from above the softly folded scarves, the empty fingers of my own gloves seeming to want to hold him there. It was hard, I said to Mark, as he lifted the picture toward his face. There is no secret answer. It was terribly, terribly hard. (p. 5, II. 159-163). Near the end of the story, the amount of flashbacks and comparisons are reduced, as brother everyday, while feeling a little guilty, not only is her wound slowly healing, but Sarah draws closer to the understanding of life and death. It isnt only discomfort of disloyalty I feel, its the fact of utter disappearance after death. The idea that as loved as we may be, we may also be forgotten. If only for a day here and there. 4, II. 127-130). To bring the plot to a closure Black frames his short story with a last flashback about Sarahs near non-existent relation to her childhood friend, Molly Dunham. With this flashback Sarah finally understands how the thirty years without any confrontation has not been an essential way of coping with her pain, which could be one of the many messages of the story. Another message could be interpreted from the phrase where Sarah tries to convince herself that it is within human nature to keep on living. Maybe its a gift to be able to let go of the remembering. Some times. Some things. (p. 4, II. 155-156). With this phrase Black tells the readers that life goes on no matter what, and one should not be guilty about not thinking about the dead all the time, instead one should focus on holding on the Joyful memory and live life to its fullest. Another symbolic feature that lies within the choice of chronology and structure is the swift between present and past. It is a showcase for Sarahs past intertwining with her everyday life as a symbol of her incapability to let go. The title of the short story is Divorced, beheaded, survived which is the last part of a well-known phrase used to remember the six wives of king Henry 8th. The title itself is mostly explicit in the beginning and in the end of the story. Firstly as a memory of a fine day where Sarah, Terry and a couple of friends decides to act out the drama of king Henry 8th, then in another flashback from Sarahs high school days where they learn about king Henry 8th in history class. In many ways the title is sufficient to the plot and also from symbolic aspects. The phrase could be interpreted as a connection to the death of Terry. Intentionally the author chose to use the last part of the phrase as the title instead of the first. The only difference between the two parts is the fact that the word died is replaced with survived, Sarahs brother died by the hands of sickness, but because of all the memories that Sarah holds so dearly, Terry, still survived and he is therefore still alive in the heart of his sister. Judging from the essence of Robin Blacks short story, as much as life is filled with full and happy moments, all the dark sides like loss and death is something that is unavoidable. Death is part of life and the opposite. The sooner you realize it and start accepting those inevitable facts of the living the sooner you can free yourself from the endless cycle of grieving. For the protagonist, Sarah, the process of coping with her loss took decades, but luckily she realized that the only way out of the wilderness was to accept the fact that life goes on and our lost ones will always be alive in our hearts, even if we do not think of them every moment of our lives.

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Jazz Review Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Jazz Review - Essay Example They also accompanied it with basic tunes and chords outlines of soloist. The organization at the concert also contributes to it success since the band arrived in time for the event to be a success as they had planned with the hall manager. Most of the instrumentalists were middle age men who seemed to be more experienced and from the look of things it was clear that what they would deliver would be mature enough for the attending audience. The situational emotion was therefore transferred to lyrics, sounds and beats hence becoming jazz music. The advantage Mafia Jazz band had was that during this period of time, freedom was granted to all in members in that they were able to contribute in the lyrics as they play their musical instruments. This made them sing without getting tired. Jazz music is an art that does not require books, websites or even to be written on the paper for performance. It entails composing the music anywhere anytime of the day. It does not apply the use of all t he musical rules but it all about creativity of an individual so as to pass the intended massage accompanied by other musical instruments. ... This genre of music is more of emotional concern than the intellectual. This is because its effects to the listeners. From the live concerts, it’s clear to depict its effects to be spiritual out of its composition and performance to the audience. Jazz unique distinctiveness improvisation exemplifies other forms of music which requires the listeners to get the information rather than the personal connection of what is being delivered by the performer while on stage or any form of recorded medium. Other than jazz, most kinds of music involve the listeners during performance as written by the composer on stage. Jazz attracts most listeners into a deeper perspective with involvement of audience when each phrase is created. Jazz music on stage is new at all stages this is because the composer uses the time available to make the song a success and relief the listeners of their stress and days hard work. The passion of jazz is derived from the orchestral sonorities thriving on the mu sical instruments diversities. This makes it more different from other classical music that strive to obey the rules of music. In American culture, jazz is considered as the most significant kind of music expression due to its outstanding outcome to music as an art. Jazz is presently adorable all over the world even though it originated from a smaller land in the United States of America. People appreciate this form of music since it motivates an individual besides its energetic performance by an artist. This has made this genre to evolve and seek different levels of artistic delivery. With this improvement, it has given rise to many different jazz styles. Jazz music gives one a life experience and emotion due to its creative inspirational force and discourse that show chronicles story of